Name Change Affidavit

Name Change Procedure in India for New Name

These are 3 steps that you should know and follow before you plan to Change your Name.

Step 1: Name Change Affidavit

Step 2: Placing Advertisement inState Local National Newspaper Publication in English

Step 3: Gazette Notification

What is a Name Change Affidavit?

The first procedure is Affidavit. An Affidavit is a stamp paper that is mandatory in the Name Change Procedure. Our expert lawyers will take care of the Affidavit Procedure.

To prepare your Name Change Affidavit, you will have to provide us the right information and details of your old name and new name with your current address. Then the reason for the name change (Like Spelling Mistake, Numerology, Marriage, etc.) For example: Due to a spelling mistake in a Birth Certificate you want us to get the changes. Or After marriage, you want to change the surname.Name Change Affidavit has to be signed by 2 Witnesses, then signed by a Gazetted officer with their official stamp in some cases.

What is a Newspaper Advertisement for Name Change Procedure?

The second process is part of the Newspaper Advertisement Procedure. The Advertisement has to be printed in one of the State Local National Newspapers in English. Newspaper Advertisements must be published in the English language only. The name change Advertisement should have all the necessary information. The published Advertisement in a state-local national newspaper is going to be the proof of name change and for future reference. So, here we are to support you in the procedure of name change to get published in Local National Newspaper Advertisement.

What is Gazette Notification?

The third procedure is part of Gazette Notification. Once your name change application is submitted. Your new name will be published in the National Gazette Publication. Our team will track the publication. So, that we can send the Gazette copy with the details of the e-publication page.

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